Our Winery

The winery is located in the village of Les Pobles to 452 m altitude. These conditions favor the quality of the wines thanks to the soil, climate and location. Despite being nearly 40 kilometers from the Mediterranean Sea, the calm of a sunny day can see the brightness of the sun reflected in its waters. The term allows it an ideal place where wine can rest and take its own character.

Our Facillities

It consists of 300 m2 on a multipurpose central hall where it is used for the entry of raw materials, living vinification, aging room, bottling room, equipped laboratory, warehouse, office, interior courtyard ideal place to experience during harvest time tasting and wine tasting, and a terrace where the spectacular views do enjoy a glass of wine Visendra.

Our Wineyards

The land from which comes the grape with the wines of the Visendra winery are located in the municipality of Les Pobles and Santes Creus, near the monastery that bears the same name and where monks and elaborated once the wine is made. Their situation Don a special character in the fruit thanks to the properties of soil, climate and altitude from the sea. The area therefore is suitable for growing vine giving its excellent quality.
The lands were acquired family Sendra year from 1984 to 1985 when the Counts of Mora y Aragon …. Olivella farms and sold their land to sharecroppers. From that moment along with several families of the municipality of Aiguamúrcia the Sendra family became owners of the land that generation after generation have grown.
The family Sendra has won several awards for best quality grape varieties both white and black. This has helped increase the motivation and the illusion of producing homemade wine. So, after 25 years of that great step for many families in the area, Visendra has come true.